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Robert Agostinelli

Founder and Managing Director, Rhone Group

Robert Agostinelli

Robert Frank Agostinelli



Rochester, N.Y. native Robert Agostinelli earned his MBA at Columbia University before a stint at Rothschild. Joining Goldman Sachs in 1982, he contributed to the founding of the bank’s international M&A business, before departing the firm as a senior partner for Lazard in 1987. Together with partner Steven Langman, Agostinelli struck out on his own in 1995 with the founding of New York-based private equity shop Rhone Group. The outfit, of which Agostinelli owns approximately 50%, now manages approximately $8.5 billion. Robert Agostinelli is a supporter of numerous right-wing causes and a founding member of the Friends of Israel Initiative. Also the Council on Foreign Relations. He counts Nicolas Sarkozy, George Bush and José María Aznar as close friends. While based in New York, he maintains homes in London and Paris and is a collector of wine and art. Robert Agostinelli is a certified public accountant and was born to Italian immigrant parents outside of Rochester, New York. He attended the Aquinas Institute. He obtained his BA from St. John Fisher College in 1976. He attended Columbia University where he received his MBA, graduated with highest honours in 1981. Robert Agostinelli sits on the Alumni Board and returns regularly to give speeches. Robert Agostinelli is a certified public accountant. Robert  Agostinelli began his career in financial services. Starting at the investment bank Jacob Rothschild from 1981 to 1982. Then joining Goldman Sachs and becoming a senior partner where he worked for five years. After this, he founded the firm’s international mergers and acquisitions business in London. Then, while at Lazard Freres he was involved in a number of the largest transactions in European takeover history. In 1995 Agostinelli and Steven Langman started their own firm, the Rhône Group.   See also: Click here for more about the Rhone Group

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